I’ve developed something of an obsession with bees this summer. If they are really endangered, then so are we, maybe I wanted to just really notice them, or maybe I just like bees.





Buzzing bees is a sound of summer. I love to watch bumble bees work, filling their pollen sacks. I have to confess, to take these pictures I did not take the dog, she lacks patience when it comes to photography!!


Balsam Bashing?



The Himalayan balsam is now in full flower. It’s taking over the upper end of the lane, squeezing out the native species with its dense growth of foliage and flowers. I find myself conflicted about this. In lots of places people are balsam bashing, ripping up the plant to let the native plants re-establish. The farmer’s wife is a bee keeper. She says the bees love the balsam and they produce wonderful clear honey. I don’t want yo harm the bees, but I would like less balsam and more native flowers, as there are further down the riverbank. I need more information please…bees vs. balsam??


Saving the Bees

I was told off on Twitter today by BBC 6 Music! They have talked on the Radcliffe Maconie show about how to revive a tired bee. I thought they said they needed honey.
So when I found a bee on the doorstep, I put a blob of honey next to it. The bee ‘drank’ some honey and flew away. The dog then ate the honey. I tweeted the show about my good bee deed. It appeared I had done THE WRONG THING!!

I should have dissolved some white sugar in water then given that to the bee. Honey is bad because it could come for anywhere in the world. My mistake was tweeted to the 1000’s of followers of the show. I was as humiliated as a school child.
Faced with this, I did what I always do and took the dog for a walk. It was warmer than I thought but I didn’t notice many bees. I decided to keep a particular lookout for bees. Though this was tricky, as I also had to throw stick, catch the dog when she wanted to chase some ducklings and put her on her lead to avoid a savage border collie. The bees were in their greatest profusion by the yellow flag irises next to the canal. I did try to take a photograph, the bees were camera shy. I will keep more of my attention on the bees now.
I also saw a sparrow fly with something to into a hedgerow. I approached and could hear chirruping. Then I stepped on a twig with a loud snap and the chicks were silent. How early the instil for self preservation develops!