Fruits of autumn



When I was a child we used to gather hazelnuts for Christmas, now they fall off the tree and lie on the ground.
We also used to be told, the redder the berries, the colder the winter. I hope that one is just a myth.
Today the dog found a stick and carried it with her all the way on our walk until we were back home. It is now resting by the back door. I think she is well once again 🙂


Summer ripens 2

Blackberries begin to ripen as August begins. My poor dog has cut her paw and is stuck at home with stitches. I borrowed a dog and stole twenty minutes to go for a walk this evening. The sun is still warm though the dog days of July have passed and the fruits of summer harvest the rays of sunshine and transform them to autumn fruits.


Sunset walking



Walks in winter time are squeezed between sunrise and sunset, taken in slots between showers, rapidly executed.

These summer days stretch out with promise of warmth and sunshine. Me and the dog like to walk in the morning when the day is warming and then again, as the sun goes down, as the day begins to cool and just enjoy the sunsets.


Shade surfing


High Summer is definitely here. Me and the dog are becoming experts at shade surfing. Luckily, the lane offers shade and a stream for the dog to wade through, though the water is going down so total immersion is less of an option. The vibrancy of the plants that greeted the start of July is beginning to fade, everything is starting to wilt and look a little jaded.
A downpour must be due anytime!



I’ve developed something of an obsession with bees this summer. If they are really endangered, then so are we, maybe I wanted to just really notice them, or maybe I just like bees.





Buzzing bees is a sound of summer. I love to watch bumble bees work, filling their pollen sacks. I have to confess, to take these pictures I did not take the dog, she lacks patience when it comes to photography!!


When it’s too warm to walk…

Today it was 30’C, so this evening we went to Coniston water in the Lake District and swam.
Labradors love to swim and swimming with them is a joy, though I would advise a wet suit to stop any scratches. The dog does like to swim into my arms and climb onto my back. She adores swimming. Coniston has some shallow shores, though it shelves away sharply, so me and the dog could splash around together.
No words have more magic than ‘English Summer’.