Things are looking up...

When I am walking I’m often looking down but sometimes, I look up and notice something different. Looking up puts me in a different mood and i remember clouds are beautiful and, as a child, how I would lie in the meadow grass and just watch the clouds roll by, except they weren’t clouds, they were angels, elephants or the starship Enterprise. Day dreams.


Things are looking up…


Colours of summer

I saw lots of blackbirds today. I love blackbirds, they have so many beautiful songs and such bright eyes. I didn’t manage to photograph one as the dog had other ideas! I did photograph a feather, though it’s size told me it was from a crow rather than a blackbird!

So black is my first colour of summer.
The thistles had bloomed today, spattering the hedgerow with bursts of purple.

The hawthorn is now full of green berries, which don’t stand out at all, except when you look at them and remember summer is all about growing so we can stand strong through the winter.

My final colour is the pink blossom of the bramble, just because it is beautiful.



Tick tock goes the clock

In the high days of summer the dandelion ticks out the passing of these lazy days.

Tick tock goes the clock


The return.

I haven’t had internet for two whole weeks. During this time the dog did hurt her paw and was not able to walk for three days but it still means I have lost 11 days of blogging! The past two weeks have been perfect English summer weather. The temperature has stayed below 25’C, so nothing too hot, but blissfully above 20’C, warm enough to walk and let the dog swim as the world becomes lush and green.

The green lane where we walk lives up to its title in the summer, and the river bank becomes so filled with grass and butterbur, rosebay willow herb and sticky goose grass, that it becomes almost impossible to walk to the river. 


 There are also nettles as high as my head, which doesn’t bother the dog, but I choose to avoid.Image



A sign of a hot day is this discarded baby sock. Hot little toes must have wriggled free or maybe this is part of the ‘where do odd socks come from?’ mystery.



Thunder showers.


Dodging heavy thunder showers today. Puddles overflowing, elderflower blossom washed from the trees.
The dog didn’t like the thunder and preferred sitting in her basket to walking today. The rain has made everything so lush. I counted five species in the hedgerow and especially noticed the red stalks of the sycamore that forms part of the hedge.

Hope we have sunshine and a long walk tomorrow!


Dog rose

A cold, wet day today! Feeling autumnal not mid summer at all but the grey skies and rain meant the white and yellow dog rose stood out against the damp hedgerow.
Dog roses were one of my favourite flowers as a child. We had a hedgerow as you walked out of the yard gate that was full of them in June. Then in the autumn the red rose hips promised itchy seeds to put down my brother’s back or inside someone’s wellingtons. The easy pleasures of childhood pass away to memory so quickly.
I also liked the huge Pom-Pom heads of the hog weed and the forget me not’s blue.
The dog was more impressed by a large black stick I wrestled from under a hedge. After that, my hands were too filthy to take any more pictures. The best thing about wet days is the solitude. Even if there are other people around I am encased in the hooded world of my raincoat.